The intelligent system maximizes the comfort of users throughout the optimal lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds, safety systems and multiroom management. 


Lighting management makes it possible to adjust proper light to particular circumstances. One can obtain optimal light scene for reading, watching TV, dinner or meeting by pressing the button on the wall or using the remote control. Apart from light, it is also possible that a certain scene can comprise heating, air conditioning, blinds and other facilities that influence the atmosphere.

Moreover there is an opportunity of programming light scenes in the garden.


Heating management brings about the reduction of costs with simultaneous maintenance of high living standard. Integrated heating management makes it also possible to set different temperatures in particular rooms depending on the preferences of individual users.

Moreover there is also an opportunity of programming the desired temperature after coming back from work or vacation. The settings can be altered at any time through the Internet or by sending the text message.


Air conditioning and ventilation management results in acquiring the desired climate with minimal cost of utilization. Integrated air conditioning and ventilation management enables central or distributed control of air conditioning and air exchange in particular rooms which ensures proper comfort for the users. Appropriate setting inactivates air conditioning and ventilation when last person leaves the building and activates it within fixed time, ventilating and cooling the rooms before returning of the residents.


Blinds, shades and curtain rods management enables optimal lighting of the rooms within the building and improves the protection of the users and their property. Integrated blind management protects the building against undesired overheating in the summer and excessive cooling in the winter. Depending on the environmental conditions the system controls the blinds in order to diminish the level of artificial lighting and maintain the comfort of the users.



Mulitroom is an integrated system of audio – video facilities in the building. It enables the users to listen to any source of sound – radio, TV, DVD, iPhone or music files stored in the computer in different rooms of the building. Multiroom is managed throughout control panels installed in particular areas. It gives the possibility to watch TV, DVD or camera images on projection screens, turning the room into the cinema in a moment. Moreover the projection screen can be used as a computer screen as well.



Remote control

All facilities that are integrated with the system can be controlled locally or remotely by means of the Internet or text messaging. It enables monitoring the house during the absence of its owner. For instance, one can check if the windows stay closed, alarm is active or the light is switched off. Apart from that there is also a possibility of previewing the images from the cameras deployed in the premises and of remote simulation of the presence of residents.

Moreover the system of automatic SMS message delivery notification alerts the users if any damage or violation of the protected area takes place.

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